Dangerous tourist direction for the holidays

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  • Published: Friday, 07 June 2019 13:58
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risk travelYou cannot hide - we do not live in easy times. You often hear about subsequent attacks or other dangers. This does not mean, however, that in the name of this you have to give up the desired holidays.

The trick is to deliberately choose the destination of the trip and, after all, try not to pretend to travel to the regions of the world where you will not be really safe.
Vacation without risk - where to go in 2019?
This is a terrible fact, but many of the most popular tourist destinations at the same time belong to the countries that are listed as the most dangerous in the world.
The most frequently mentioned areas of the world to be avoided include:
risk mapThe above list in the first part (including Libya) includes countries with extremely high risk. In these parts of the world, there are events indicating a serious threat of violent attacks by armed groups. The same groups seem to be particularly aggressive towards international travelers and transport services in their area function very badly. Due to this fact, large parts of the country are almost inaccessible to foreigners. As you can see, there is absolutely no point in going to these places.
Countries on the list from Turkey to Jamaica are associated with a slightly lower risk, but it is still better to avoid them. It is better to go for a dream holiday in a much more secure and definitely much quieter place. There are many places around the world.